A REDDITCH man has been jailed after spitting in the face of a police officer during the Covid-19 pandemic.

57-year-old Guy Turner appeared at Kidderminster Magistrates' Court today (Thursday, July 2) charged with assaulting a police officer and breaching a court order whilst serving a suspended sentence.

Turner, of Hewell Road, was initially arrested on Tuesday, June 30 at his home for breaching the order.

Once the arresting officers had secured him in their vehicle, police said he spat in the face of one officer which may have also entered their mouth.

He received a 40 week (9 months) custodial sentence in relation to the charges.

Superintendent Mark Colquhoun said: “Officers come to work to protect the public and keep them safe.

"They do not expect to be assaulted, and when they are we will do everything in our power to investigate, prosecute and convict those responsible.

"Spitting in an officer's face is an utterly disgusting way to behave and rightly this has been dealt with by way of a custodial sentence.”

Reacting to the sentence on Twitter, inspector Lee Page called Turner's behaviour "vile" and said he was "rightly behind bars."