A REDDITCH outsourcing specialist has announced plans to double in size over the next five years following a record period of growth in the UK and abroad.

Prospect Hill-based Sigma Financial Group, which offers ‘white label’ customer contact centre services across the utilities, retail, financial services and telecommunications sectors, plans to double its 1,500 workforce by 2025 after cementing its position as a major provider to the utilities and energy industries.

The business is forecasting the gradual increase in new jobs over the next five years between its offices in the town, and in Birmingham and South Africa.

The news comes as Sigma reported earnings of £4 million in the past year – a record 12 months for the firm which was acquired by the South African-based Digicall Group in 2016.

Chief executive of the Sigma Financial Group, Gary Gilburd said: “We have gone through massive change over the past five years – going from 200 employees to 1,500 and building our reputation as a trusted and versatile provider to a host of sectors.

“We are excited about our growth plans and our aspiration to double in size. It will always be challenging in such a competitive market but we have been backed every step of the way by our parent company.

“Planning to double our profits and workforce in Redditch, Birmingham and South Africa, is an important step for us. It shows that despite the huge impact Covid-19 has had on many people and businesses, we have found ways to continue to deliver and have managed to keep growing but in a sustainable and responsible way.

"Overall, adding to our workforce in Worcestershire is great news and an opportunity for what is a struggling local jobs market.”