A 'TYRE mountain' at a former Redditch recycling centre has been removed after posing a serious fire and environmental hazard.

The large bulk of tyres had been growing at the Lakeside Industrial Estate, with reports made of children climbing on the pile.

To tackle the problem, Hereford and Worcester Fire and Rescue Service’s North District teamed up with the Environment Agency to bring about the safe removal of the heap.

The excess tyres were moved to a lawful recycling centre regulated by the Environmental Agency in a bid to improve the safety of the community.

John Elsworth said: “Despite the lockdown, we’re delighted to have supported the Environment Agency in achieving such a successful solution, working closely with our partner agencies and local businesses - local engagement is central to our prevention, protection and operational responsibilities in this area.

“The tyre removal has not only reduced risk to the community, but also supported the local business world and demonstrated our reputation as a community-focused, dynamic and effective Fire and Rescue Service.

“I want to thank our Redditch Fire Crews for their professionalism and proactivity and not least our Fire Control for helping achieve this successful outcome.”