A POLITICAL play about a Parliament in the 1970s pokes fun at Redditch during a "wonderfully funny scene."


The National Theatre shared a clip from their production of 'This House', which features a fictional MP with a few choice words to say about the town and its needle-making legacy.

The 'member for Bromsgrove and Redditch' Hal Miller, says: "I was only standing in Redditch because they told me it was a no hoper."

He later says the word 'Redditch' sounds like a "frog vomiting" and that he was "holding out" for Cheam or Chester.

Redditch Borough Councillor Mike Rouse retweeted the clip and said: "This scene from 'This House' mentions Redditch, though not in exactly flattering terms.

"You'll need a good dose of humour, which thankfully Redditch has in abundance."

The real Redditch MP Rachel Maclean also retweeted the clip and said: "Absolutely loving this. Features the Member for Redditch, Hal Miller in a wonderfully funny scene. And yes, the truth of serving in a hung Parliament really is stranger than fiction."

Another Twitter user said: "Living between Redditch, Bromsgrove and Birmingham. My husband just howled with laughter at this clip".

The National Theatre has been allowing fans to stream some of its productions for free during the coronavirus lockdown.

The play was streamed "live" on the National Theatre's YouTube channel yesterday evening, and people will be able to watch it until 7pm on Thursday June 4.

The cast features several well-known actors including Phil Daniels of Quadrophenia and EastEnders fame, and Life on Mars star Philip Glenister.