PEOPLE are invited to take a high-flying tour of Redditch under lockdown as part of a project to capture history.

Lee Alder of Hither Green Lane decided to film footage of the town from high above to show the quiet roads and town centre.

The 53-year-old felt it was important to capture Redditch in lockdown so the sights can be preserved.

In his videos, people will see several landmarks including the Abbey Stadium, Forge Mill Needle Museum and Redditch Railway Station.

He has also captured the painted murals by Daryl and Claire Lancaster at their home on Watts Road, Studley.

Lee said: “I purely this did because it would be fascinating from a historical point of view.

“That’s my main reason for putting it together. People can see how quiet the roads have been.

Redditch Advertiser:

“I wanted to capture history and all these things that we have never seen before.

“In many years to come we may forget what it was like. It’s showing Redditch from a different perspective.”