THERE are now 350 confirmed cases of coronavirus in Worcestershire, according to official figures.

Figures released daily by Public Health England suggest nearly 130 people have been confirmed as having coronavirus since Thursday (April 2).

Birmingham remains at the top of the Government list of local authorities for cases confirmed, with 1,246.

As of today (Sunday), there are 47,806 confirmed cases of the virus across the UK. Of these, 4,934 people have died.

On Thursday, there were 221 confirmed cases of Covid-19 in Worcestershire, marking an increase of 129 in the county in three days.

In neighbouring areas, Warwickshire has a total of 334 confirmed cases and Dudley 283.

Daily coronavirus testing passed 10,000 people a day across the UK on Thursday, which could go some way to explain the steep rise in confirmed cases.

The Government has promised it will dramatically increase coronavirus testing to 100,000 a day by the end of the month.