A NURSERY in Alcester has received an 'inadequate' rating from Ofsted after failing to report a "serious incident" in which a child got out through a side gate.

Alcester Studio Nursery is a full day care service in St Faiths Road, catering to children between the ages of two through to 11.

The nursery had previously held an 'outstanding' rating with Ofsted praising the "inspirational" leadership and "outstanding" teaching "worthy of dissemination" after a 2016 inspection.

However, following an inspection in February this year, Ofsted found those running the nursery did not inform them of recent management changes and raised concerns about safeguarding.

A report said: "Those responsible for running the nursery have overlooked their duty to inform Ofsted of these changes and, furthermore, a previous serious incident as well.

"Due to a brief lapse in supervision of the children, a child managed to get out of the nursery from the side gate onto the path of the enclosed car park of the attached school.

"The child was found immediately, managers investigated what happened and appropriate action was taken at the time to prevent reoccurance."

Ofsted also found that children occasionally struggle to remain enthused about certain activities planned and those with special educational needs or disabilities are not always well supported or encouraged to join in.

The report also said: "Staff promote equality and they challenge certain things within the nursery, such as gender stereotypes. They find out about children's home lives and value their diverse backgrounds, languages and cultures.

"Staff build children's confidence and promote their physical well-being.

"Staff promote literacy and mathematics in the setting. Toddlers enjoy counting, sorting and matching games. They also like reading stories with staff."

Manager Penny Williams told the Advertiser: “I think for us we’ve had a lot of lovely support from all our parents with everything which has gone on.

“They are continuing to support us now. I’m looking forward to when we can go through the inspection process again.”