A REDDITCH Charity is appealing for assistance so it can help the most needy and vulnerable people in the town.

REACH CIC, together with Church Hill Big Local Partnership, is working across Arrow Valley East Ward and Woodrow, to tackle the challenges due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

However, the charity says it is in desperate need of paper for printing information leaflets, money for petrol, and other daily essentials.

Rachel Ind, director of REACH CIC, said without help they cannot reach those that need looking after the most.

“We are looking for support from all our local organisations and interested parties to join us in this effort," she said.

"Yes, the volunteers are vitally important, but we are a small community based not for profit and have no room hire income as of today, we are fast running out of paper for printing leaflets and other information the community and volunteers will require.

"If someone could help us by donating paper or doing some printing for us it would make a huge difference."

She added: "Any other practical or even financial contributions to help us support our volunteers with petrol and other expenses would really help our local communities."

Volunteers from the charity have been delivering leaflets asking people if they need help or want to volunteer, be it keeping the socially isolated in touch via phone calls, social media etc, shopping, collecting prescriptions, or posting letters.

The charity has also been sharing resources and good practice.

Liz Williams, from the charity, added: “Action to support the vulnerable - be they older people, people with underlying health issues or those with mental health challenges - needs to be taken at the lowest community level to be effective, meaning small areas of estates or streets.”

Much-loved community centre The Space has been forced to close to the general public and all groups.

However, REACH CIC staff are attending every day between 9am and 1pm to take phone calls and message and match up volunteers with those needing help.

Anyone who would like to volunteer, contribute, or receive help can call 01527 528340, email reachredditch@outlook.com or search Facebook for Reach CIC.