A FARM near Redditch is facing closure and its animals starving to death following the fallout from the coronavirus pandemic.

Middle England Farm Alpacas in Ullenhall has said it has just one week's supply of food - after that all the animals starve.

A gofundme page has been set up to raise as much cash as possible for the farm, which not only holds alpaca walking experiences, but has a menagerie of other animals such as lambs, pigs, emus, chickens, and rabbits.

A statement on the page says: "The coronavirus... We're all sick of hearing about it already! Sick of the bleak news and worried sick about how it will affect the health of our loved ones and friends.

"For us on the farm we have the added worry of how, now that people are not visiting, do we afford to feed our animals?

"Without people booking tickets to come to the farm, we don't have an income and our animals can't be fed or receive vital veterinary care.

"No one is booking and we are quite frankly terrified as to what will happen to us now."

It adds: "There is no government help for us and as self employed people we won't be entitled to any kind of financial help for food for the animals or the land they graze on, let alone food and support for our human family!

"We have to be honest, we are worried sick.

"We have one week's worth of food for the animals and after that we are done. Plus on top of this we have our own children to feed too."

The farm said it has started writing to suppliers to ask for leeway and support.

For more on the appeal or to donate, go to https://www.gofundme.com/f/save-our-animals-during-this-catastrophic-time

The farm added: "I know some people hate donating through these pages so if you want to help privately please let us know. We will repay you in alpaca love and lamb cuddles and our sincere thanks for ever."

The farm can be reached on middleenglandfarm.co.uk.