THERE has been strong reaction to a story about plans to build more than 2,500 new homes near Webheath.

The plans, set for approval, are for the demolition of existing buildings and the erection of up to 2,560 homes.

The homes would be on land near Foxlydiate Lane and Pumphouse Lane, an area which has been considered for development on several occasions over the last 30 years.

As well as new homes the plans also include building a local centre including a number of retail shops, health and community facilities, a school, as well as all associated playing areas and parking.

Hundreds of readers have got in touch and commented online - many against the move.

One reader said: "RIP REDDITCH: Once a nice new town with wonderful surrounding countryside. The failings are down to the ill managed near bankrupt Redditch Council. Redditch is now a concrete jungle prone to flooding backed up with low end retail shops."

Commenting on Facebook, Fred Tebbs, said: "At the moment there is no infrastructure in place to accommodate such housing development. This includes, insufficient schools, oversubscribed GP surgeries in Redditch, sewers need to be installed and last but not least... road access in out of the proposed housing development."

Laura Elizabeth said: "Then more services need to be returned to the Alex and better/bigger doctors surgery’s as they can’t cope as it is which puts people health/lives at risk, Worcester is not a viable option as it can’t cope either."

Janice Styler said: "So, let’s build 2,500 houses where there are over subscribed schools, no jobs, no GPs , no public transport, flooding risk, no amenities. Yeah, why not."

Lynda Warby said: "People aren’t complaining about houses being built they are complaining about infrastructures not being put in place first so that the local area doesn’t suffer lives being put in danger being choked by lorries and construction traffic."

Not everyone is against the plans though.

Matt Toomër said: "Well every other part of the town has been subjected to new houses, and traffic chaos, now it’s the turn of Webheath."

Jade Rose Adams said: "Love to know who complaining. Something that's really needed ... Hopefully it's mix of different sizes."

Gordon Rogers said: "Not sure who's complaining. We need more housing. This has long been understood. What are the alternatives?"

The application, which has received hundreds of public comments, went before Bromsgrove council chiefs last October.