THERE has been a strong reaction to news Redditch police seem to be cracking down on drug use in the town.

The Advertiser reported on a drugs raid last week at a home in Batchley after a tip-off from neighbours.

The raid took place in Salters Lane and involved officers from the Safer Neighbourhood Team, Task Force and the Local Policing Priorities Team.

A small cannabis growing operation was found.

The plants have been seized and an investigation is underway.

There were also reports of drugs being found in a children's play area in Southcrest, and police officers 'reminding' residents Cannabis is a class B controlled substance and possession is a criminal offence.

"We are in Redditch... not Amsterdam!" they said.

Readers have commented online saying the area has a drug problem.

On the Advertiser's Facebook page Gordon Rogers said: "I have walked past people taking drugs in underpasses, in housing estates, town and parks. I have found needles lying in the arrow valley and general drug parifinalia in public spaces. I read regularly about drug hauds being confiscated, housing raided etc. So yes there is a drugs problem in Redditch."

Jade Rose Adams said: "For years this town has had drug problem if ask me."

Janice Styler "Yep, walked past people by the play area Terry's fields, in the bushes, and the carpark."

Jaden Kade Thompson said: "You want to drive down glover street after 6pm and look over at the back of the basketball court. You'll be able to smell it from the fence and see the shapes of the loitering potheads. Mostly Asian (just an observation) But no one cares that these kids are smoking weed at an age when their prefrontal cortex hasn't fully developed (not until the age of 25 ) and will cause psychosis and paranoia."

However, not everyone is as worried.

Reedy Shabba said: "No more than any place, users will be drawn to places they can sit undisturbed and use. Most towns have park rangers and work with community policing teams to regularly visit spots like these to psychologically nudge such users away from family spaces. It’s not difficult is it?"

Mark Baker said: "Most towns in the country have a drug problem."

Sammi Marshall said: "Only as much as other small towns!"