A REDDITCH couple will be celebrating valentine’s day with just flowers – no chocolates – after shedding more than 100lbs between them.

Back in late 2018, Michelle Cash, weighing nearly 15 stone, realised her weight was creating a problem for her and she had to do something about it.

She plucked up the courage to walk through the doors of Weightwatchers on a cold Saturday morning in Redditch's Emmanuel Church.

"My fears and embarrassment were set to one side after I was given a lovely warm welcome and I knew I had made the right decision," said Michelle.

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Over the next few months the mum-of-four started to change her and her family's way of eating.

"I used to buy loads of crisps and we used to have regular takeaways but bit by bit I changed my attitude towards food and I was also conscious of my family's health so I started to cook from scratch again."

Husband Matt, seeing his wife's weight loss, also joined Weightwatchers in May 2019.

He lost 10lbs in the first week and was totally converted.

Painter and decorator Matt, who works away during the week, realised he needed to change his way of eating during the week living on takeaways and fish n chips so he went out and bought himself a portable fridge to put in his van.

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So now on the weekends he preps salads, pasta dishes and hard boils eggs so he can have his own healthy food to hand when away.

Michelle now weighs 10st 7lbs and is a Size 12 and Matt shed just over four stone from his 17st starting weight.

"It has transformed our lives," said Michelle.

"I can run after the kiddies in the nursery where I work and Matt can climb up and down his ladders much easier."

She added: "I have asked Matt to buy me flowers for Valentine's and no chocolates as I certainly don't need them and don't miss them."