IN response to a recent article about a cash boost and exciting plans for the town centre one reader has implored Redditch Council to make sure it gets it right.

Commenting on the Advertiser's Facebook page Tony Hateley said: "The big issue we have is the whole town is disjointed.

"We have a cinema in town that's not accessible. We have no other variety. No where for the kids to go.

"I implore the planning committee to PLAN instead of shoe horning things into gaps.

"There has been no plan for years and look at our town. Go back to mega bowl. It was situated where no one could get to.

"I say it again and again the land opposite Abbey Stadium should of been commercial development with a Redditch 2 train station and bus depot. Then attracted a large cinema, bowling, snow-dome, eating places and made a complex that would of then brought in jobs and people spending money in our awesome town.

"Think outside the box. The local councillors work tirelessly guaranteed and have an impossible job as there is so much in fighting it's impossible. Our town gets effected.

"The hospital is a county issue and can not be effected at council level. Our MP is fighting a battle with that one and again Rachel Maclean gets slated for what - trying to do good by her town.

He added: "I have lived in Redditch for all my life and love the town but some areas really do need some imagination."