YOUNG people gathering in Redditch town centre could be ordered to move, following an imposed dispersal order.

Police imposed the order following a gang fight involving a number of youths near the Redditch college in Peakman Street earlier this week.

The power allows police and community support officers to force troublemakers to leave.

Increased patrols have also been taking place in the area.

Lee Page, new Safer Neighbourhood Team Inspector for the district, said: "Thankfully the majority of young people visit Redditch to enjoy socialising with friends but a minority do choose to cause trouble and act in an anti-social manner, which can cause a huge amount of concern for local people.

"Our teams are patrolling the area to prevent any further disorder by utilising a dispersal order to ensure those intent on causing issues in the town are identified and swiftly moved on.”

The Advertiser recently reported a gang of youths were in a fight in Redditch bus station, allegedly armed with crowbars and knives.

It was reported that knives and crowbars were involved but police said no weapons were found.

A dispersal order may include confiscation of items (e.g. alcohol) and is available to anyone that appears over 10 years of age.

Failure to comply is a criminal offence and can result in imprisonment and/or a fine.