"We must ensure that this never happens again" is the message from Redditch MP Rachel Maclean on disgraced breast surgeon Ian Paterson.

The MP, who revealed she was operated on by Paterson, said it was the failure of the system that allowed the "heinous criminal" to get away with it for far too long.

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Paterson was jailed for 20 years on charges of wounding with intent after he carried out hundreds of unnecessary operations involving invented or exaggerated cancer risks.

Mrs Maclean said in a tweet that she had been operated on by Paterson around 10 years ago following the release earlier this week of an independent enquiry into Paterson's case.

She said: "I’m not speaking out over concerns for myself, but because of the thousands of women, and men, who have been much more seriously affected by Ian Paterson than I have.

“When I was made aware of the full extent of his malpractice, I believed I had a responsibility as a Member of Parliament to do what I could on behalf of the victims of his shocking actions.

"I’m in a position as an MP where I can work with ministers to ensure the inquiry’s recommendations are implemented in full by the Government. To that end, I have already been in touch with the Health Secretary, Matt Hancock, and Health Minister, Nadine Dorries, who have been incredibly supportive.

“The Health Minister has said she is committed to studying the recommendations of the inquiry’s report and will do everything she can to improve patient safety."

The MP added: “The report makes clear this was a systematic failure of the healthcare and patient safety system.

"A man who was meant to make people better abused his power and the failure of the system allowed this heinous criminal to get away with it for far too long. We must ensure that this never happens again.

“Lastly, I’d like to thank everyone for their very kind well wishes and messages of support.

"I am fine, but please spare a thought for those whose lives will never be the same again because of Paterson’s crimes.”