MADAM - Noting the stance being taken by Redditch Council waste departments about not taking rubbish that isn't sorted properly (Redditch Council cracks down on people failing to recycle), there are other factors to consider.

They need to get their house in order - there are items which say they can be recycled, but the council will not take.

Also, we have to leave our bins next to the road the night before, but then we get other people putting their rubbish into ours causing contamination - what they going to do about that?

Brandon Clayton (Redditch Borough Councillor whose portfolio covers environmental services) said about there being too much plastic rubbish in the sea, but rather than these fools beating the humble residents who use the council services in good faith, the council should be beating whoever allows our waste to get into the sea.

After it’s collected from us, it’s their responsibility to deal with it correctly.

It’s worth noting that on the local radio BBC Hereford &Worcester, they went to the depot in Norton where our recycling goes to, and even they on air had issue identifying what should be recycled, so if the experts can’t decide, how are the residents supposed to?

Redditch Borough Council are just looking for scapegoats.

What can the residents do - it’s not fair to be bashed in this way

Kind regards

Neil Slugman