REDDITCH MP Rachel Maclean has said the country has an exciting and positive future under the current Government.

Her words come as she has welcomed the robust intention of the new Government to concentrate on rebalancing upcoming economic success throughout the country.

She said that the priority of this Government is to deliver Brexit on January 31, but following on from that it is keen to start delivering on some of its other stated and vital aims, including funding for the NHS, schools and crime prevention.

In terms of the economy, although the UK has seen some 10 years of consecutive growth, output and productivity needs to double to spread opportunity throughout the country.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has stated that people are about to witness an ‘infrastructure revolution’ – by spending up to an extra £100 billion during this Parliament on roads, rail, broadband and flood defences, and in every part of our country, as well as the building of more hospitals.

As well as this, the Government said it is going to redouble efforts to cut waste in spending.

Rachel said: “Make no mistake, by engendering a spirit of hard work and of working together, we are going to transform this country and our economy, and we are not going to waste a single second in getting down to business.

“This is all good news for towns like Redditch, because for too long investment for infrastructure projects has been targeted at the Home Counties and London, whereas we all know that the rest of the country needs and deserves attention as well."

The MP added: “I also welcome the intention to invest in skills, particularly technical and vocational skills. We do still possess great skills in this country, but we have left technical and vocational education behind, and there are so many people that can benefit from a better focus on technical and vocational education, so we will focus on the delivery of apprenticeships which I have throughout my term as MP recognised that we need to do.

“As we exit from the EU, I am absolutely sure of one thing – that this country has an exciting and positive future under this Government and that good things are going to happen quickly.”