MADAM - Having read a recent article regarding the council plans for transforming the centre of Redditch, I would like to suggest that they start by demolishing the buildings at the bottom of Unicorn Hill that back on to the railway station. They are a real eyesore at the rear and do not give a very good impression to anyone arriving by train.

Secondly it is about time that the bus station was redesigned with the waiting areas at the bus stands made fully enclosed even on a hot summers day it is very windy and cold when waiting for a bus.

There are more and more shops closing down in the town and it will soon resemble a ghost town most of Alcester Street is now full of empty premises a recent study has concluded (not surprisingly) that thriving High Streets are in areas of high employment and high wages and failing High Streets are in towns like Redditch with low wages and high unemployment.

The council therefore needs to tackle these problems first.

H Croft