A LARGE fire which saw huge plumes of toxic smoke rise into the air is being investigated.

Firefighters were called to Sims Metal Management on the Enfield Industrial Estate around 11pm Wednesday, January 8.

Hereford and Worcester Fire Rescue Service warned nearby residents to keep their windows and doors shut as they battled the blaze - which involved quantities of metal and plastics.

Crews from Redditch, Bromsgrove and Upton attended the scene.

A spokesman from Sims Metal Management said: "Fire brigade and employees were quickly in attendance. We are pleased to note the fire was extinguished by 2.30am, with no harm to personnel or damage to property.

"The fire is believed to have been caused by self-ignition from a small domestic electrical appliance, however investigations by site employees continue. Further information will be released as and when applicable."

They added: "Should any local residents wish to seek further information into this matter, please do not hesitate to contact our communications department at info.uk@simsmm.com.”

Firefighters worked through the night to extinguish the fire, on the Hewell Road estate, and warned people to avoid the area.