CONCERNS have been raised over plans for 19 new homes in Church Hill.

Plans have been put forward for 19 affordable homes, with 38 parking spaces, on the former play area on Edgeworth Close.

The site is located at the end of Edgeworth Close, which is currently used as public space and routes through to the centre.

The site originally had a play area to the centre of the site until it was replaced with heathland.

A consultation took place at the Willow Trees Community Centre last year where a number of concerns were raised, such as the new homes being close to existing homes, increase in traffic, and loss of green space.

Construction consultancy firm Baily Garner said it has looked to "take comments on board and developed a design response to these".

In supporting information the firm added "The Church Hill ward of Redditch has a housing need" and the application is a "carefully considered, high quality sustainable scheme".