HUNDREDS of tributes have been paid to two real life superheroes who helped save the life of a young woman threatening to jump from a bridge in Redditch.

The young woman was spotted on a bridge near the Alexandra Hospital, on Sunday around 4.30pm.

Thankfully, a number of people came to her aid - preventing what could have been a tragedy.

Posting on Facebook the girl's mother thanked everyone who helped save her daughter.

"I would like to thank everyone that saved my daughter this evening," she said.

"She tried to jump from the bridge by the Alex Hospital and a man managed to grab her in time."

The first person to help was Shasad Mohamed who lives hear the hospital and was on the way to his mum's house.

"I just saw her on the bridge and stopped my car straight away, right in the middle of the road, and just jumped out," he said.

"I was telling her 'don't do it' and 'I'm here to talk'.

"I was trying to tell her that she was a young person and that whatever she was going through jumping was not the answer."

Shasad, who was standing below the woman kept talking to her while another man, Neil Atherton, got out of a car and came toward the bridge.

"I was pleading with her not to jump," said Shasad.

"I was trying to distract her while the other man could get close enough to grab her.

"When she wasn't looking I told him to go for it - the man managed to grab hold of her."

They managed to lift her over the rail and held on to her until the police arrived.

"I carried on talking to her," said Shasad.

"I've been in a similar situation myself so I was telling her that life was short and jumping is not the way to go."

He added: "There were so many cars just driving past - I couldn't believe it. She was lucky I got out - I think she would have jumped.

"We need to protect each other, look after one another, help those who need help. We're all the same."

The mother's Facebook post resulted in an outpouring of support, and adoration, for both men and others who helped with hundreds of comments from people thanking them for what they did.

Louise Zikking said: "Hats off to all involved - you were all amazing."

Sharon Cox said: "What an amazing man and a true hero."

Spotted:Redditch said: "Well done Khan Man [Shasad] also Neil Atherton who grabbed the young lady off the bridge while you talked to her off the ground. Amazing team effort."

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