REPAIR Cafe Redditch will be welcoming all Redditch candidates for the General Election to its next event - to see what unites politicians, as well as what divides them.

The event is on Saturday, November 30 from 10am to 2pm.

It is believed all four candidates (click here to see who is standing) will turn up (although it is not known exactly what time).

A spokesperson from Repair Cafe Redditch said: "We have had support from across the political spectrum over the years and we are very much interested in what unites politicians as well as what divides them, as fixing our impact on the environment will require working together despite our differences and Repair Cafe is a great example of that."

All the candidates are welcome to come along and have a cup of tea and a chat with their fellow candidates as well as volunteers and customers.

Volunteers and customers are welcome (but not obliged) to talk to the candidates about the issues that they care about, as long as questioning and listening remains civil.