READERS have flocked to defend this year's Christmas Tree in Redditch town centre.

As we reported yesterday the illuminated tree had been criticised by some for looking 'ridiculous' and not having a trunk.

However, since reporting the initial response, readers have flocked to our Facebook site to defend the festive display.

Among the dozens of positive comments, Tracey Wilkes said: "I think it looks lovely. It doesn't matter what is done, people will always moan."

Samantha Mumford said: "The kids will love it."

And Mandy Walsh added: "I saw it for the first time yesterday. I thought it looked lovely, great for taking a photo with a friend or loved ones. It's about time we had something different to look at. The festival of trees is a lovely idea."

Lewis Barber said: "Some people are never satisfied, we have a traditional Christmas tree in the shopping centre, why can’t we have something different for once."

Jackie Lewis said: "Looks great especially 6.30 in the morning. I love it - well done Redditch."

And Clare Willis said: "I think it’s lovely, people can have their picture done. Stop being ungrateful people! Enjoy life!"

However, there were a few that disagreed still.

Redditch Blog posted: "It isn’t a Christmas tree. A tree is symbolic image of Christmas. It might look slightly better if they removed the anti-vandal barriers they are around it this morning."

And Christel McMullan said: "It's not the tree that bothers me, it's the rest of the decorations. Or lack of. Apart from around the church, there is absolutely nothing. It doesn't look festive at all. Boring. Just like Redditch these days I guess. The town has so much potential, but it's all wasted."