A SPECIAL carers fair is being held for the more than 9,000 unrecognised carers in Redditch.

The fair, organised by charity Carers Careline, is for people to get hold of information and useful advice.

Fiona Mitchell, chief officer of the charity, said: "We know that there are over 9,000 unrecognised carers in Redditch – mostly they are looking after family and don’t realise they are carers.

"They tell us, for instance, that they’re ‘just looking after their mum with dementia because it’s what you do’ but they don’t realise that there is a lot of support out here in the town that they can access.

"It’s our job to help them find it."

The fair will include a number of stands with people who can help with finding care homes, community transport, care at home, staying safe, Alzheimer’s, legal implications and more.

Fiona added: "We’ve got at least sixteen different services coming to exhibit and are still waiting to hear from others.

"It will provide a lifeline for people – especially those who have just begun caring and help them to find out what’s available to support them without having to trudge backwards and forwards around the town."

The carers fair will be held on Thursday, November 28, from 10am to noon in the hall at the Ecumenical Centre.

For more information, call 01527 66177 or email info@carerscareline.co.uk.