REDDITCH'S one remaining ambulance station has been closed.

Seven years ago Redditch's main ambulance station was closed down and three ambulance standby points, or hubs, were put in place in the town.

Eventually this provision was whittled down to one, near McDonald's in Oakenshaw.

The Advertiser was told by a spokesman from West Midlands Ambulance Service that this would close - but they didn't know when.

It has now been closed.

The spokesman stressed that no job losses are taking place and no ambulances will be taken off the road and that residents in the town would still get the "same level of resource".

However, people on social media have been quick to say people should expect to wait longer to get an ambulance if ever they need one.

Sharon Sandall said: "Madness! Fill Redditch with more housing estates and take our NHS services away what a great plan."

Julie Chatterley said: "A patient taken to Worcester on Sunday evening was still waiting for a bed on Monday evening at WRH. It's obvious they can cope and this will make an exceeding bad situation worse."

Carol Aston said: "Let's cut another essential service, just keep building houses and opening coffee shops, while our town centre declines and more people are moving to Redditch, what a bloody farce."

Glenys Horton said: "Redditch certainly seems to be lacking in basic infrastructure; Hospital, schools and now an ambulance station but it certainly makes up for it in large housing estates, mostly built on the green belt."

Now the station has been closed ambulances and staff will go to Bromsgrove Ambulance Hub, in Lickey End, instead.