PLANS have been put forward to turn Shipleys Bingo Hall in the town centre into a storage facility.

The plans would see the bingo hall, which has been in town for about 20 years, stripped out and made a self storage space.

The facility would also incorporate the vacant lot that used to be Poundstretcher, that has been empty for the last six years.

A statement on the application says that the intention is to refurbish and reduce the size of the existing retail units and extend Rileys on the ground floor while converting the Shipleys ground floor and tanning salon into a co-working space with a shared service area.

On the double hight first floor space a self storage business is being proposed - the existing bingo hall will be stripped out and replaced with a mezzanine enabling two levels of caged self storage.

The plans have provoked outrage and bewilderment in equal measure on social media, as well as official comments on the application.

Many people expressed concerns about the state of the town's high street while others said they were not surprised something else was closing down.

Several called the surprise move 'another nail in the coffin' for the town centre.

Commenting on the application people said: "You are slowly taking everything that we have that helps people of all ages socialise. If this is taken away where do pensioners go to get them out the house. We do not need a storage place what a waste of an area! Do not take our bingo."

Another said: "Are you actually for real... This is a meeting place for many lonely elderly people... this town is becoming a ghost town. No wonder there is so many crimes and people on the streets. There is nothing for anyone to do anymore."

The Advertiser has approached Shipleys Bingo for a comment.