A GROUP of people recently braved the cold weather to raise vital cash for Redditch Nightstop.

Redditch Nightstop, a unique service which works with young people aged 16 to 35, recently held a sleepout at Redditch United's football ground.

People spent a night out in the open, sleeping on cardboard boxes.

Sharon Holtom, volunteer coordinator, said the event went well.

She said there was one volunteer who slept out in just her warm clothes on cardboard.

"The lady said her cardboard got very damp even though the night was quite dry and mild," said Sharon.

"She said she sat up in a ball as this was the warmest way to try and sleep, however after a while her legs started to go numb so she had to stretch out and became very exposed to the cold

"She said she felt secure where she was but would feel scared if she was on the street."

Sharon added: "Others slept under sheets and in sleeping bags, one group made a shelter out of crates they had found.

"Everyone said what an eye-opener it was for the people that have to go through this every day."

People spoke about what the charity does and how volunteers and hosts are vital to its work.

Money raised from the sleep out will help the charity reduce the number of young people at risk of experiencing homelessness in the Redditch area.

For more on Redditch Nightstop, go to redditchnightstop.co.uk.