POLICE have taken to Facebook to show off drugs seized after a stop and search in Redditch.

Posting on the social media site they said: "Cannabis seized during an effective stop and search in Washford Lane, Matchborough. #stopandsearch #yousaidwedid".

However, people online were less than impressed with the efforts.

The post has received a number of sarcastic comments with people questioning the size of the drugs.

Others did stick up for the police thanking them for what they do with one person saying "Whether it's a small bust or a big bust it's still less drugs on the streets which I am all for".

Elsewhere in the town officers have been taking part in a week of action to prevent knife crime.

Officers had a knife arch in McDonald's as well as the railway station earlier this week.

The move was part of Operation Sceptre, which aims to increase awareness about the dangers of carrying knives and how the police are keeping them off the streets.