THE region's police and crime commissioner has hinted West Mercia could keep some ties with Warwickshire Police after ending its alliance – but only if a fair ‘divorce’ settlement is agreed.

West Mercia Police and Crime Commissioner John Campion said Warwickshire Police wanted a longer period of transition after the October 8 legal deadline to end the alliance as they could not currently “stand alone” with less than a month to go.

Warwickshire police bosses have said it should be West Mercia that foots the bill – as they called time on the alliance.

Mr Campion said: “We are supportive of offering those longer transition terms in a six-month and an 18-month new collaboration agreement but that will be reliant on us settling the cost associated with the termination of the existing strategic alliance agreement.

"Without the settlement of that figure that Warwickshire hold West Mercia accountable, there won’t be future collaboration based on that longer-term transition, he told councillors on Tuesday.

“West Mercia remain committed to supporting our alliance partner if they require longer-term collaboration but if they want collaboration agreements, we have been clear from day one that that has to come with a fair, reasonable and equitable cost settlement."

In October last year, West Mercia Police announced that it would be ending its alliance with Warwickshire Police which had seen the forces share some resources.

The forces merged services including firearms and police dog officers as well as IT, HR and communications in 2013 saying it would save £30m by 2015.

In a joint statement, deputy chief constable Richard Moore and Warwickshire Police and Crime Commissioner Philip Seccombe, said that as West Mercia sprung the surprise break-up of the alliance on Warwickshire, then they should foot the bill for it all.

Around 80 percent of the alliance shared services, such as criminal justice and specialist policing services are currently based within West Mercia, according to Mr Seccombe.

Mr Campion said West Mercia Police would not be held accountable for investments that would have been made anyway or for things that were not currently included within the alliance.