THE three major opposition parties in Redditch - Redditch Labour, Redditch Green Party, and Redditch Liberal Democrats - will be holding a 'Stop the coup' protest today in Redditch.

The rally is against the decision to prorogue Parliament to force through a No Deal Brexit.

The event will be held in Redditch town centre around the Bandstand area, around 1pm.

Everyone who believes that to suspend parliament in an affront to democracy is welcome to attend.

Rebecca Jenkins, PPC for Redditch, said: “Our MP Rachel Maclean, seems to be set upon a no-deal Brexit as she believes that respects the will of the people.

"62 per cent of people voted to leave in Redditch in 2016 and I respect that decision. But the British people didn’t vote for no deal and they didn’t vote for our democracy to be suspended to ram no deal through.

"The proroguing of Parliament by Boris Johnson and his party is obscene and must be challenged. We can’t talk about 'democracy', 'Parliamentary sovereignty', 'taking back control' and in the same breath ask the Queen to suspend parliament and prevent debating a huge issue facing Redditch and the whole of the British people.”

Claire Davies, on behalf of the Redditch and Bromsgrove Green Party, added: “The recent move by Boris Johnson to suspend parliament at such a critical time, is not just a case of playing games with parliamentary procedure, it is denying democracy, which is the one thing that people have been so passionate about throughout the whole Brexit process.

"To have a prime minister and his loyal followers to make excuses for this action, when weeks ago they were saying that shutting down parliament was (in the words of Sajid Javid) “trashing democracy” is, quite frankly, shameful.

"People are gathering on the streets, as their appeals to conservative MPs go unheeded. Everybody needs representation, not just the 0.13 per cent of the population who voted for Boris Johnson and his coup.

Bill Hartnett, leader of the Redditch Labour opposition council, said: "This is setting a dangerous precedent - Parliament is supposed to hold the Government to account how can they do that job if parliament is closed?

"The Prorogation of parliament has caused a national outburst of protest with an outcry of foul play.

"We have already seen spontaneous demonstrations against this decision up and down the country and more are being arranged."