A STREET party was recently held in Church Hill encouraging people to put down their phones and simply have a chat to neighbours.

The event, in the corner of Northfield Close, saw 70 people from Home Meadow Lane, Moorgate Close, Latchford Close, and Keele Close join in.

One of the organisers Helen Tuite said: "The theme of the event was 'getting to know your neighbours' - because we just don't get the chance to speak to our neighbours any more due to having such busy lives and using social media so much.

"So I thought it was a good way for people to get to know the people they live next to."

Helen added: "Approx 70 people came along and brought a plate of food and something to drink. All who came thoroughly enjoyed the event, and are keen to have another one."

Food leftover from the event was given to Redditch Outreach Support, which provides food and supplies to local people in need.