POLICE in alcester have given a breakdown of what exactly they have to deal with in a week - and it might be more than people think.

Posting in their weekly report officers from Alcester Police South SNT gave an "informal summary" of some of the incidents they have to deal with in a typical week, but said that is not everything.

They said: "This isn't a comprehensive list and does not include incidents and investigations created by the police themselves. Many of these incidents are not listed in the report as they are of a personal nature or the offender(s) are already known."

The list is below:

  • Concern x 14
  • Silent 999 x 12
  • Theft x 10
  • Suspicious Circumstance x 9
  • Road related incident x 8
  • Observations x 7
  • Anti-Social Behaviour x 6
  • RTC x 3
  • Violence x 3
  • Missing Persons x 2
  • Alarm activations x 2
  • Mental Health x 1
  • Malicious Comms x 1
  • Vehicle Crime x 1
  • Animal Incident x 2
  • Robbery x 1

The officers added: "We always recommend that if people have a crime to report or if you see something that is suspicious, call straight away on 101 or 999 as required.

"The quicker the information is received by our communication call handlers the better chance we have to check the details in 'real time' allowing the most suitable response to be given."