A MOTHER of two from Studley has just taken part in her very first bodybuilding competition - and come away with not one, but three medals.

Agnieszka Kulczyńska, 39, recently took part in the 2 Bros Pro bodybuilding and fitness competition in Crawley after making a new year's resolution to get the perfect body she always wanted.

She came back with a total of three medals in three separate bikini fitness categories.

And despite not coming first (she came third in the categories bikini beginners and bikini masters 35 plus, and fifth in bikini open) she has been invited to the British finals in September.

Agnieszka signed up to a showgirl fitness team lead by Michelle Brannan after a new year's resolution.

She said that as a wife and mother of two children she felt something was missing in her life, and strived to do something about her current situation.

She added that support on social media platforms such as her followers on Instagram as well as family and friends helped her achieve what once seemed distant and impossible.

“I wanted to prove, not only to everyone around me but most importantly myself, that I could succeed in whatever came my way through hard work and persevering but most importantly self belief to fuel my journey," she said.

"It was something I’ve always wanted to work on and the aspects of competition only added to my motivation to be the best I could.”

She said as it was her very first performance she was ecstatic with the outcome and believes it will be the first of many.

“I now know how far hard work can take you if you really put all your effort into it to lead you to success," she said.

"I hope many other people can take my example and strive for their dreams. Not worry about their abilities or chances, but see that every opportunity is there for the taking and can be reached with something as simple as just trying their best.”

“Dreams don’t come true on their own, you need to make it happen.”