CALLOUS thieves are repeatedly targeting people on a quite street corner in Alcester.

The Advertiser reported on Friday that an elderly man was knocked to the floor and had £500 stolen in a daylight robbery.

The man was using the cashpoint in Bleachfield Street in Alcester when he was barged out of the way by a woman who then 'fell' against the cashpoint.

During this distraction £500 was withdrawn from the machine.

The woman then ran off down Bleachfield Street.

Police described her as Eastern European, with long brown hair, under a baseball cap.

Over the weekend another two very similar incidents occurred.

The first was on Saturday, around 8.45am.

A woman matching the above description was seen hanging around the cashpoint area of the street.

A man in a silver car was also seen nearby.

Both the vehicle and woman had left prior to police getting there.

Then again on Sunday, around 12.20pm, a woman matching the same description was spotted and a silver car was seen parked nearby.

Again, they were gone by the time police arrived.

A spokesman from the police said there had been a number of offences at the cashpoint.

Anyone with any information is being urged to call police on 101.