A REDDITCH woman has said her new designer noses have given her the confidence to rebuild her life and "face the world".

Jayne Hardman was diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disease called ANCA-Positive Vasculitis which eventually led to the removal of her nose.

After her dog jumped up and knocked its head into her face, the injury led doctors to diagnose her with the illness.

Following the incident, doctors had no option but to remove her nose and fit a prosthetic.

The mum of two said she now has several different prosthetic noses with different shades - one for the daytime, one for the summer and even one for when she's had a few drinks.

Speaking to the BBC she said before she had a prosthetic nose people would recoil in horror.

"My nose started to swell at the bridge and it got incredibly misshapen and I was having very often nosebleeds and a lot of pain. My nose went form odd to completely flat against my face. At this stage I couldn't breath, couldn't taste, and couldn't smell.

"It's incredibly hard when you have a facial deformity to face the world. It's incredibly hard to do the normal things like taking your children to school, going to the supermarket, even sitting in traffic, because peoples eyes would glance round and recoil in horror."

Jayne, who now works in a pub, said it's amazing to be back at work and being looked at for the right reasons and be able to face the world.