A group of travellers have been moved on from a field near Redditch.

Redditch police reported that they had successfully moved on the group last night.

"Local policing tonight have dealt with an unlawful encampment on Birmingham Road , Redditch and they have now been successfully escorted out of the area," they said.

Previously people on Facebook had reported that the travellers had cut the locks and got onto a field used by the Bordesley carboot sale.

The person posting anonymously said: "Police are aiming to have them moved off by 7.15. But they are currently out looking for a new site.

"Please can people share as we have been advised by the police to make any people and nearby /surrounding landowners aware as they could possibly try to use their land."

The police's swift response was praised by several people.

Jennifer Parry said: "That must have been thoroughly thought out .......super achievement....well done to ALL police officers involved. Many Thanks!"

Lisa Dorgan said: "Great work."

And Carly Hicks commented on the Redditchcops Facebook post: "We watched this happen this evening. You all did a fab job, blocking routes to get them onto the motorway. Well done to you all!!"