AN all night, paranormal vigil will soon be taking place at a Redditch recycling shop on Mount Pleasant.

The event, which is not open to the public, is a scientific investigation of alleged paranormal activity at Boomerang on Beaufort Street.

It has been arranged by Parasearch, which was founded in 1986 to investigate paranormal activity in the Worcestershire region by organising vigils using scientific monitoring equipment - including infra-red video, electromagnetic monitors and infrasound detectors. Every effort is made to rule out any logical causes to the haunting.

A team of Parasearch investigators will be spending the night in the shop to try and capture any paranormal activity on video.

Parasearch founder and chairman, David Taylor, said "We always look for rational explanations to any reports of a haunting.

"We also use scientific equipment to try and record any paranormal activity on an investigation."

Pauline Thorpe and Stella Birkett-Holmes, who founded Boomerang, said they had experienced a number of strange incidents in the shop.

Pauline said: "Things keep disappearing and then re-appearing somewhere completely different.

"And Stella and I both saw a man walk past us one day and then disappear.

"Some of our customers refuse to go upstairs to where we keep clothing because they say they saw a man when there was nobody up there.

"The strangest thing happened one Saturday. Stella and I were at the till when suddenly the radio and all the lights went off, at that point all the traffic noise from outside ceased and everything stayed like that for two minutes.

"Stella and I just ran out of the shop, we were really scared."

When the woman contacted Parasearch, members said they sensed something there and asked if they could hold a vigil to carry out paranormal investigations.

The old building Boomerang is housed in is a former bakery.