APOPLECTIC residents in Lodge Park are demanding that their bus stop is fixed.

One year ago the bus shelter on Studley Road in Redditch, opposite Lodge Park Shops, was demolished by a vehicle.

Since then incensed locals say that there has been no attempt by anyone to replace the much-needed shelter.

Local resident David Thornton said: "The bus stop is in constant use by many people every day including many older people.

"We have already gone through one winter without any cover whilst waiting at the stop, and if nothing is done to erect a new shelter the people of Lodge Park have another cold and wet winter to look forward to when waiting for their bus to arrive."

He added: "I contacted Redditch Council to ask them when we could expect the new shelter to be erected, and I was simply transferred to an answering machine and told to leave a message. Needless to say I did not receive a reply."

Mr Thornton added the hope is that by highlighting the issue the council might be encouraged to do something about returning the bus stop to its previous condition.