A WORKWEAR business set up by a husband and wife just seven years ago is now supplying uniforms for most of the schools in Redditch.

As a result of growing demand for its uniforms in the town, Orchard Clothing has just moved to its fourth set of new premises.

Orchard Clothing managing director Ray Eyre said the new unit at Hunt End Industrial Estate in Redditch, would enable the business to consolidate after a period of rapid growth.

It will also enable Orchard Clothing to take more work in-house that had been outsourced, leading to new jobs over the coming months.

“We are in the process of taking on two more full-timers, so we will have around 16 people after starting out with just two of us,” said Mr Eyre.

The company sells school uniforms, workwear, corporate clothing and sportswear and was originally set up by Mr Eyre and his wife Sara as a business-to-business supplier.

But in its first year, in 2012, one school asked Orchard Clothing to sell direct to its parents.

That side of the business continued to expand, especially after the closure of Orchard’s largest local competitor in Redditch last year.

“There are a number of other suppliers around the area, but we are now the only mainstream retailer in Redditch and supply most schools in the town,” said Mr Eyre.

“We also have a national online business which we run in co-operation with a leading fulfilment centre and a number of contract embroiderers, but we are planning on bringing some of that work back in-house with new computer-assisted machinery and additional staff.”

“It means a new era for our business as we consolidate everything here over the next couple of years, giving us more control over our national business alongside the service we provide for schools and families in Redditch.”

Ben Truslove, from property agents John Truslove, which helped the firm move, said it had been a "great pleasure" to help Orchard Clothing continue to grow over recent years.