COUNCILLORS representing central word in Redditch have said 'enough is enough' after some residents say they will not go out in the dark.

Labour Councillors Greg and Debbie Chance recently heard from a number of angry residents who said the area is blighted by anti-social behaviour, drinking, and drug abuse.

Other concerns are a lack of street lighting and that the area, particularly Smallwood, is dirty.

Cllr Debbie Chance said that there was a general feeling that the current council was ignoring the area.

“People here are angry because they feel that the council is not fulfilling its basic responsibilities to keep them safe," she said.

"There were numerous reports of anti-social behaviour, including public drinking and drug abuse. One resident was particularly concerned that this had escalated since a reduction in street lighting was implemented - she does not feel safe in her own street after dark."

Cllr Greg Chance said: “The recurring theme was that our residents feel that the Smallwood area has been allowed to become dirtier and less attractive over the past 12 months.

"People feel increasingly frustrated when they see more and more litter and verges where grass has been left to grow waist high.”

The two councillors have promised to fight for Central Ward to ensure it is not left behind as the council discusses future plans for improvement and regeneration.

Cllr Greg Chance added: “It is up to us to be the voice of Central Ward at council meetings - we will be fighting to make our area tidy, well cared for and welcoming for all of our residents.

"These are not unreasonable or complicated requests but Tory council cutbacks are now severely compromising the levels of service our constituents deserve. Residents are getting angry that this part of Redditch seems to have been forgotten about - they think no one cares and it’s getting to the point where enough is enough.”

The pair plan to hold regular street surgeries across the Central ward area.