CLIMATE change activists in Redditch have welcomed a response from the council on climate emergency, but say more should be done.

Redditch Climate Action Network (Redditch CAN) recently put a question to Redditch Council leader Matt Dormer at a meeting calling for leadership and action on the climate emergency.

Redditch CAN co-ordinator Michael Bennett had asked the leader:

“Is it not time that Redditch Council acted to protect the lives and property of Redditch residents by declaring a climate emergency and committing to a series of concrete measures designed to reduce carbon emissions to net zero as soon as possible?”

Cllr Dormer responded by agreeing that climate change needed to be addressed and said it was entirely appropriate that Redditch Borough Council declared a climate emergency and committed itself to reducing carbon emissions.

He also instructed his officers to draw up a Sustainability Action Plan for the borough.

Mr Bennett welcomed the response, but issued a note of caution.

Speaking after the meeting he said: “We are pleased that the borough council appear to appreciate the seriousness of the crisis we face but we need to see recognition of the urgency required to tackle the issue and proof that the council is taking ownership of its responsibilities to protect the lives and property of Redditch residents.

"In particular we ask the council to appoint a member of the ruling group with the responsibility to act as a champion for local policies and actions.

"We suggest the council utilise the resources at county level available to them in drawing up a Sustainability Action Plan, most notably the officers at Worcestershire County Council who have already looked at this issue."

He added: "We also ask the council to engage with local residents and organisations in drawing up a meaningful list of proposed actions that can be discussed and acted upon.”

Redditch CAN is currently compiling a list of proposals to relay to the council via a meeting in July.

The group will be discussing these, amongst other elements of its campaign, at its next public meeting at the Redi Centre on Thursday, July 4 from 7.30pm.