ADVENTUROUS Redditch residents will be given a taste of travel on two wheels when ‘Trailquest’ parks up at the Royal Enfield showcase this Saturday.

Trailquest runs adventure motorcycle training and global expeditions and have worked with many of the largest motorcycle manufacturers and other major companies.

Founder Richard Jeynes will be sharing his exploits from taking part in and leading challenging expeditions to remote parts of the world.

He will be at the showcase on Saturday, June 29 where images of his tremendous travels will be on display.

Richard said: “Royal Enfields are styled to hold their own when going off-road and not only have we used them in our expeditions but they are perfect for our one-day or introductory experiences too.

“At the showcase I want to demonstrate a different Royal Enfield experience from the everyday road-user and hope to spark the spirit of adventure in the audience.”

Redditch Borough Council leader Matt Dormer said: “The showcase is entering its fifth week and I am delighted that it still continues to attract a steady flow of visitors who are sharing their memories and Royal Enfield experiences.

“It goes to show the spirit of Royal Enfield never left Redditch and the specialist weekends bring something new for visitors to enjoy.”

The Trailquest event will run at the showcase which is open from 10.30am to 4pm in the Kingfisher Centre.