RESIDENTS in Alcester are being warned they could face up to five years in prison if their dog is out of control and injures someone.

The stern warning comes from police after a series of attacks in the town.

It is against the law to let a dog be dangerously out of control anywhere, even in the owner's own home.

People can get an unlimited fine or be sent to prison for up to six months (or both) if their dog is dangerously out of control.

People may not be allowed to own a dog in the future and their dog may be destroyed.

If people let their dog injure someone they can be sent to prison for up to five years or fined (or both).

And if anyone allows their dog to kill someone they can be sent to prison for up to 14 years or get an unlimited fine.

A police spokesman said: "We have had three incidents reported to us this week relating to people and dogs being attacked/bitten by other dogs that were either loose or not in control.

"All three incidents are being investigated and further details are to be obtained regarding the dogs involved and their owners. In one of the resolved cases the injured party has agreed that the dog's owner should be officially spoken to by the police/dog warden."

They added that all three reports are unrelated.

The police spokesman said that a dog is considered dangerously out of control if it injures someone, or if makes someone worried that it might injure them.