AROUND 80 people recently turned up to express their frustration with inconsiderate and dangerous parking in Woodrow.

A street meeting saw incensed residents from Salford Close, Tredington Close, and Rushock Close, meet local Labour councillors in regard to parking by visitors and staff to the Alexandra Hospital.

Many expressed their experiences around the parking issue, saying the problem has been increasing over the last few years.

Councillor Joe Baker, who arranged the meeting along with councillor Wanda King and councillor Jenny Wheeler, said: "Because of unfair car parking fees at the hospital, visitors and staff are choosing to park elsewhere in residential areas, often blocking access, driveways, pavements or making the road inaccessible to emergency services. This has to stop."

"We decided to hold the meeting to see what can be done to resolve the issue."

Cllr King said: "Ideas such as double red lines and engaging with parking wardens could start the ball rolling."

While cllr Wheeler stated that working alongside the county highway teams and hospital managers would also be a way forward.

The meeting, and future meetings in the Greenlands, Woodrow, and Wire Hill wards, is part of the Labour Engages campaign the local Greenlands councillors have started to build closer links with residents.

Cllr Baker added: "We hope that we can resolve this problem so that a peaceful and workable solution can be found where we can involve all sectors of county, health and local authority work together."

A petition was also started and signatures gathered to support concerns.