A WOMAN bit a child's face just a week after she was handed a suspended sentence for smashing a woman's head off a takeaway counter.

Cara Drummond, of Mount Street, Redditch, was due to be sentenced at Worcester Crown Court for assaulting or ill-treating a child on Friday (May 31).

However, her barrister, Abigail Nixon, applied for a psychiatric report to be prepared, delaying the case until August.

Judge Nicolas Cartwright allowed the delay but said Drummond had been given support in the past.

The 22-year-old was convicted of the offence at Kidderminster Magistrates Court on April 29 following the attack which took place on May 18 last year.

Miss Nixon said her client had since abstained from smoking cannabis and had reduced her drinking.

She added this would be the first time Drummond had received psychiatric intervention and that her client was now showing more insight and an improved attitude.

She said Drummond had now been diagnosed with a personality disorder and post traumatic stress disorder.

Miss Nixon added: "She confirms to me she wants help with those problems causing her to be angry and to lose her temper which has resulted in her previous convictions."

Judge Cartwright told Drummond she was due to be sentenced for biting the child just one week after she received a suspended sentence for 'smashing a woman's face on the counter of a takeaway' and punching someone else.

At the end of her court appearance, the judge granted Drummond unconditional bail but warned her: "The fact I'm giving you bail in the meantime and giving you this opportunity isn't to be taken as any sort of indication or promise as to what will happen on that occasion."

"Thank you for the opportunity" said Drummond from the dock.