LONG suffering residents at a Redditch care home will finally be able to sleep easy at night after a pathway used for anti-social behaviour will be closed.

A pair of wooden gates, requested by residents, will be installed at St David’s House care home in a bid to reduce noise nuisance, anti-social behaviour and fear of crime.

The gates will see the pathway leading through the community of St David’s House and Queen’s Cottages closed off, but only for the three-month trial period.

The moves follow consultation with 54 residents, who overwhelmingly requested the archway be permanently secured with the locked gates.

They will be put in place on July 17 and will be reviewed after a three month period where they can be unlocked if so required.

Redditch Councillor Julian Grubb, whose portfolio covers community safety, said: “While closing the pathway, which isn’t a public right of way, means a detour of a couple of minutes for pedestrians, it’s important our vulnerable residents have peace of mind.

“And in three months’ time if there is a community call for this to be reversed, it can also happen. We are always listening to our residents and will act, where possible, on their concerns.”