EARLIER this month Arrow Valley Country Park became a dynamic mechanical space with a VIP launch event for an exciting project.

Invited guests attended the event which was held beneath the support pillars of the Coventry Highway.

The area was transformed with projections, 165 video clips and sounds of mill machinery from Forge Mill and other mill museums across the country.

Project Artist Elizabeth Turner said: “We decided to keep this event small to see how the projections would work in the park. It was a great success which everyone enjoyed and commented on how the sound and projections really transformed the area.

“It was the perfect start to the project and now we’re keen to get more residents and visitors involved in creating pieces of artwork with our workshops over the summer before ending with an even bigger and better public event in November.”

This event was the launch of the Scour II project which is a community art project which aims to explore the connections between 18th century industry and the New Town construction of the 1960s.

The event is being followed by a number of family friendly workshops from June until November.

For more on the workshops, go to forgemill.org.uk or call 01527 62509.

For more on the project and site information, go to scourforgemill.wordpress.com