MORE than a dozen travellers have turned up on a field at the back of Redditch Skatepark, off Icknield Street Drive in Matchborough.

Travellers arrived on the field, which belongs to Redditch Council, last Friday, May 17 according to residents.

Some said they moved a large log to gain access.

Redditch Council has been contacted over the issue but the travellers have yet to move on.

One local dog walker, who did not want to be named, admitted that their presence is worrying.

"We understand they have to go somewhere but this is a very popular spot for dog walkers and we come with our young children," they said.

Others have been quick on social media to urge people to avoid the area.

A Redditch Borough Council spokesperson said: “We are following the countywide protocol to address encampments, and under that a decision will soon be made as to whether the council will need to pursue formal action to reclaim the land.

“Any incidents relating to vehicle use should be reported to West Mercia Police.”