A FORMER soldier from Redditch who says his life has been ruined after catching Q Fever in Afghanistan is appealing for help with his fight for justice.

Wayne Bass, a private from the 2nd Battalion the Mercian Regiment, unsuccessfully tried to sue the Ministry of Defence (MoD) over its failure to protect him from contracting Q fever in Afghanistan.

He said his life had been ruined after serving in Helmand Province in 2011 without being given antibiotics by the Army.

Humans can catch Q fever after breathing in dust from the faeces of infected farm animals such as sheep, cattle and goats.

The NHS says the bacterial infection is “usually harmless, but can cause serious problems in some people”.

Mr bass said he often gets breathless, has aches and pains all over his body and has to take very powerful painkillers.

"The nerve pain in my lower back and legs means that my back can lock up and I'm immobile," he said.

"On a less bad day it can take 45 minutes to walk 600m."

The former soldier, who is unable to work, added that it has brought about a spike in his post-traumatic stress disorder and he feels very low and depressed.

He took the MoD to court earlier this year in a ground-breaking trial examining the extent of any duty owed by the Army to Mr Bass.

However, the judge ruled in favour of the MoD and dismissed the case.

Mr Bass is now trying to appeal that decision - but needs help to fund it.

"My solicitors and barristers believe this was a very poor judgement and would like a retrial. Unfortunately, I cannot afford this so we have set up a fundraising page," he said

"Without launching an appeal, I can’t see a future."

He added: "I know there are many, many more army veterans who are in a similar position, who are waiting on the outcome of my case, having also been abandoned by the MoD and struggling with a range of serious medical conditions.

"I don’t want what has happened to me to happen to others."

The MoD has been contacted for a comment.

For more on the appeal, go here.