POLICE in Redditch have issued a warning after fake banknotes were discovered in Church Hill.

Counterfeit £20 notes are currently being circulated around the town, particularly in the Church Hill area.

A police spokesman said that while the fake notes are not the best they have seen, they are "pretty good" and have a silver strip through them.

They said: "We are particularly concerned they are being given to food delivery drivers and taxi drivers, although they are being passed in shops and businesses too. My advice would be, not to hand over any change until it is checked and deemed to be genuine tender, as the notes are being handed over in payment for small items in some cases."

They added they were not aware of any counterfeit notes of the new £5 and £10 notes.

Anyone given a counterfeit note should report the matter to West Mercia Police as CCTV opportunities are being sought.